3DLaunch.com combines two large and growing markets together; Crowdfunding and 3DP! We are a niche crowdfunding company with a Multi-Vendor Marketplace specifically designed and focused on 3DPrinting and Additive Manufacturing. Our goal is to invest in and support startups in the 3DP & AM markets with our crowdfunding platform. We also provide a Multi-Vendor platform that allows existing 3DP & AM businesses to sell their products and services. 3DP & Additive Manufacturing is beyond theory and is changing rapidly. We are here to launch all the new ideas and support the existing ones. We are a multi-dimensional company focused on all things related to 3DP & AM, Along with our Crowdfunding and Multi-Vendor platforms we will be investing in the latest 3DP and Additive Manufacturing technologies, We see a fierce demand for 3DP & AM in almost every market that exist today, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Obsolete Parts Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, the list goes on. Basically we are in the Launch of the next Industrial Revolution and we are excited to be part of the many future startups that are around the corner.


3DLaunch is an Niche Crowdfunding platform that allows creative new startups in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) & 3D Printing (3DP) markets to promote and seek funding for startups or ideas. We know there is unlimited possibilities in these markets.

3DLaunch Marketplace

3DLaunch will offer a Multi-Vendor Marketplace where people can create an account and sell 3DP and AM products and services.

3DLaunch Ventures

3DLaunch has invested in up and coming startups in the Additive Manufacturing market and look forward to helping them achieve success.
CloneAM- Obsolete Part Manufacturing using AM.
Additivei- Specialized Metal Additive Powder Manufacturing.
SkiiLaunch - Aerospace AM & development of Orbital AM.

We strongly believe that 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing will be a Industry changer just like AI in the Industry 4.0 phase. Here are a few things that we will be working on:
•Aerospace/Orbital AM
•Power Utility Equipment
•Wave/Tidal power generation
•Drone parts manufacturing

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