3D NFT Launchpad Business Idea


3D NFT Launchpad

Start a 3D NFT Launchpad business and 3D Print NFT’s and get in on the next phase of WEB3.

  • Create a 3D NFT Launchpad for people to upload 3D NFT Projects and Print them on Machines Around the world.
  • A 3D NFT Launchpad Stores 3D NFT Collections.
  • Crowdsource the 3D Printing jobs.
  • Convert 2D NFT’s to 3D NFT’s as service.


3D NFT Launchpad Marketing Strategy.

  • Create NFT Tokens for the 3D NFT Launchpad.
  • Promote the Blockchain Integration the the Launchpad will be on.
  • Promote the WEB3 design and Platform.


3D NFT Launchpad will need to be on a Decentralized Network.

  • The 3D NFT Launchpad will need to be on a Decentralized Network such as Chainlink or Polygon.
  • 3D Data files are extremly large compared to a 2D NFT files so a robust Decentralized Network such as Pinata Cloud will be needed to store the 3D NFT Files.
  • Blockchains such as Ethereum are not know for their robust storage capacity so it’s a good idea to use the referenced Networks above.

Payment Systems

3D NFT Launchpad will need a payment system to allow Fiat to Crypto payments.

  • Crypto payments are still foreign to a lot of people and with all the issues in the media around Crypto it is a good idea to setup a payment through an “On-Ramp/Off-Ramp” payment service.
  • Moonpay is a good option but fees are a little high.
  • Transak is very good.
  • Onramper is also a good choice.
  • Do your research, all of these companies require KYC verification, So you need to be comfortable in having them have your information.
  • It is always a good idea to setup a LLC or S-Corp when doing a business to protect your personnal assets.

In Conclusion

A 3D NFT Launchpad is a fantastic Business to start. There is some leg work involved but it is new and un-tapped so get in on the WEB3 Revolution now!

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