3D Printing Crowdfunding Business Startup Idea

Why Start a 3D Printing Crowdfunding Business?

  • 3D Printing Crowdfunding Business combines two very large platforms together; 3D Printing and Crowdfunding.
  • 3D Printing Global Market Share will be $30 Billion in 2023
  • Crowdfunding Global Market Share will be $15 Billion in 2023
  • Creating a Niche Crowdfunding Platform for 3D Printing allows you to review cutting-edge Ideas and Products before they are on the market.
  • There are many ways this 3D Printing Business Idea can be morphed and adapted to create a very lucritive business that we will cover below.

How to Build the Website and What Platform to Use

  1. You will want to use WordPress for the website platform and pick a theme in WordPress or build your own; I like ThreeD or Kadence.
  2. WordPress has two Crowdfunding plugins you can use; WP Crowdfunding & Ignition deck

Types of Crowdfunding

1. Donation-based crowdfunding

One of the most popular types of fundraising, donation-based crowdfunding is simply asking for a small donation from a large number of people to raise money for something you care about. 

How does donation-based crowdfunding work?

Donation-based crowdfunding is best used to raise money for personal needs as well as community-based projects. You can share your fundraiser with your own network and on social media as a way to amplify awareness and encourage more donations. Examples of donation-based crowdfunding include raising money to cover medical expenses or an unexpected financial crisis or raising funds for local projects like a community garden or new park.  

2. Reward-based crowdfunding

Rewards-based crowdfunding is another common type of crowdfunding, typically used to raise funds for a new startup or organization that offers a product or service. 

How does reward-based crowdfunding work?

With rewards-based crowdfunding, donors can earn rewards based on the amount they donate. Common rewards include handmade items, prizes donated by partner companies, or free products or services offered by the fundraiser organizer. For example, an artist raising funds to start an art collective and gallery could offer original signed artwork, replica prints, or even a free art workshop based on the amount donated. 

3. Equity crowdfunding

Also known as crowd-investing, investment crowdfunding, and crowd equity, equity crowdfunding is best for small to medium-sized companies that are seeking a large amount of capital to launch or grow their business.

How does equity crowdfunding work?

In exchange for donations, donors receive a percentage ownership in the company. This percentage varies depending on the business and can be a great way for companies to quickly raise funds without the headache of a traditional business loan. Usually, equity fundraising requires large fundraising minimums, typically into the thousands of dollars.  

4. Debt Crowdfunding

Also known as peer-to-peer lending and crowdlending, debt crowdfunding is a fast and easy way for both individuals and businesses to raise the money they need when they need it. 

How does debt crowdfunding work?

Debt crowdfunding works by collecting donations with the promise to pay them back at a later date. Debt crowdfunding is usually used by businesses that need capital, and that prefer to pay back the funds rather than give out equity. Individuals also used debt crowdfunding when they need money to pay off a loan or other financial obligation. With a debt fundraiser, make sure to clearly state what the money is needed for and when donors can expect repayment.  

5. Real estate crowdfunding

Among the recent types of crowdfunding models, real estate crowdfunding is becoming more popular for investors who want to put their money in real estate, without the hassle of getting a traditional loan or the obligation of owning all of a single property. 

How does real estate crowdfunding work?

Typically, an individual or a real estate company will collect funds from investors to pay for a large property, like an apartment building. With real estate crowdfunding, investors can contribute much smaller amounts of money—usually starting at $5,000—depending on how much of the property they would like to own. Investors will then receive payouts each quarter, depending on how much revenue the property generates.

Another Idea to add revenue to your 3D Printing Crowdfunding Business

  1. Add a Multivendor Marketplace to your 3D Crowdfunding Website using Dokan.
Multivendor Marketplace


Add a Multivendor Marketplace to your 3D Printing Crowdfunding Website and allow your customers to sell their products after they are funded and long after.

Examples of 3D Printing Business Startups That could be Crowdfunded

1. Aerospace Additive Manufacturing & Orbital Additive Manufacturing

  • 3D Printing for Aerospace is growing rapidly. There is a huge demand for the technology and products.
  • Orbital AM is a new and growing field. There will be a huge demand for 3D Printing in Space in the near future.
3D Printing

3D Aerospace

3D printing for the Aerospace Industry is booming. Create a company that creates 3D Printed Rockets.

2. 3D Print Obsolete Parts for Manufacturers

3D Print obsolete parts for Manufacturers listed below.

  • Aerospace Materials Manufacturers
  • Locomotive Manufacturers
  • Mining Equipment Manufacturers
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Non-Wovens Manufacturers
  • Pulp & Paper Manufacturers
  • Lumber Manufacturers
3D Printing

3D Print Obsolete Parts For Manufacturers

Start a business that clones obsolete parts for old equipment that large manufacturers still use.

3. 3D NFT Launchpad that Prints 3D NFT’s

  • Create a NFT Platform that converts 2D NFT’s into 3D NFT’s
  • Offer to Print 3D NFT’s on your own 3D Printer or Create a Network and Source out the 3D Printing.
  • Offer a Minting Service with the 3D NFT creation that is Printed on the NFT using a QR code.
  • Use a decentralized Blockchain Network such as Polygon to store the 3D NFT data.
  • Get in early on the WEB3 Evolution.
3D Printing

3D NFT Launchpad

Start a 3D NFT Launchpad business and get in on the next phase of WEB3.

4. 3D Printing Business for Power Utilities

  • 3D Print Power Utility Poles.
  • 3D Print Electrical Enclosures.
  • The Power Grid is an Enormous Utility that always need new parts and Upgrades.
3D Printing

3D Printing Business For Power Utilities

There is a huge market for 3D printed power utilities equipment. 3D print everything from power poles to electrical enclosures.

5. 3D Print Green Energy Products

  • 3D Print Wave Generation Equipment.
  • 3D Print Batteries.
  • 3D Print Wind Power Equipment.
  • 3D Artificial Photosynthetic Systems.
3D Printing

3D Print Green Energy Products

The Green Energy Market is rapidly growing. Be part of the next Revolution.

In Conclusion

The 3D Printing Crowdfunding Business has incredible potential. The 3D Printing Industry is only going to increase for decades to come.

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